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Authentication Tools Foauth This tool proxies OAuth requests so developers can access OAuth-protected resources using HTTP basic authentication.
Authentication Tools A tool to manage OAuth integration - this tool makes it possible to integrate with identity providers or other OAuth enabled systems with minimal effort.
Prototyping Tools JSON Stub This tool stubs out JSON responses so you can develop a prototype client before the API is complete.
Prototyping Tools This tool allows you to create endpoints to collect and respond to web hooks. Handy tool for prototyping.
Prototyping Tools Traverson - the Hypermedia API Client for JavaScript This Node.js tool crawls Hypermedia APIs to discover what's there - an excellent way to explore the possibilities within a HAL-formatted REST API.
Prototyping Tools This toolset makes it easy to combine APIs or create APIs on the fly. An excellent tool for prototyping and exploring APIs.
Prototyping Tools JSON Generator This tool generates a JSON payload based on the specified parameters.
Proxy Tools Ngrok This tool allows you to easily create a secure tunnel to your local system and monitor all the traffic through the tunnel. Great for prototyping and testing.
Proxy Tools Mocky This tool mocks HTTP responses to test your REST API client and server.
Proxy Tools Mitmproxy This well-named tool creates a man-in-the-middle proxy for watching, replaying and saving http/s traffic. Great for testing and debugging!
Schema Modeler API Blueprint The API Blueprint toolset allows on-the-fly API definition, and creates documentation and testing along with the schema.
Schema Modeler RESTful API Modeling Language This toolset, from the folks at Mulesoft, is designed to allow for consistent schema design, documentation and testing during API development.
Schema Modeler Swagger Framework Swagger is designed to enable API definitions and schemas using a standardized format, allowing for automated use and testing of APIs.
Server Frameworks HAPI Server Framework This node-based tool allows you to quickly build a REST API largely via configuration and business logic.
Server Frameworks Silex This micro-framework, based on Symfony2, is a fast way to create a working API in short order. Nice for prototyping!
Testing Tools Runscope Radar This tool allows you to test your API system, using an intuitive and clean interface. Unlike many other testing systems, this was designed with APIs in mind.
Testing and Debugging A very simple, straightforward tool for making and examining HTTP requests to any API.
Testing and Debugging Httpbin This tool allows you to test HTTP requests from a client to see what information the server receives. Very helpful in debugging what's going on with your client.
Testing and Debugging Postman Postman is a powerful HTTP client that lets you quickly test REST APIs - nice clean, intuitive interface.
Testing and Debugging APITools Track, transform and analyze the traffic between your app and the APIs you use. Stay in complete control.
Traffic Sniffer Runscope API Traffic Monitor Runscope is a fantastic toolset for exploring and testing API systems - The API Traffic Monitor makes it easy to view API traffic.
Traffic Sniffer HTTPScoop This OSX tool sniffs http (not https) traffic. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to understand HTTP traffic, great for debugging REST interactions.
Traffic Sniffer RequestBin RequestBin makes it possible to see the requests and responses made through HTTP from your client. Great for debugging.
Traffic Sniffer Fiddler This is a great tool for monitoring traffic on Windows based systems. Incorporates HTTPS fairly easily, and the interface is relatively intuitive once you've tried a few things.
Traffic Sniffer Wireshark This is the granddaddy of all HTTP Traffic Sniffers. It's somewhat challenging to learn but provides all the information you could need.
Traffic Sniffer Charles Proxy This excellent traffic sniffer allows you to monitor http or https traffic (by setting up a proxy). Very robust, a little challenging to learn.
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