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First Day with APITools An overview of how one of the 3scale hackers used APITools to help speed the development of his prototype app at a hackathon. Nicolas Grenié
A Better Way to Integrate SaaS Services and Marketplaces When integrating your product with other services and platforms, there are some key strategies that can help your product and integrations succeed. A great overview from a real-world example. Ayo Omojola
Seven Key Messages from Nordic APIs that got Developers Talking Excellent coverage of the top topics discussed at the Nordic APIs - includes discussion of private/partner APIs, security, SDKs vs. bar APIs, sharing success stories and API specifications Mark Boyd
How API-First Development Boosts Productivity A very nice overview of the advantages of API-first design. Lob Team
Six things that Experienced Hackathon Organizers Know that You Don't Hackathons often seem like the best way to get visibility to your product or product line, but the truth is that sometimes they're not the right plan. Check out this list to make sure you approach the idea wisely. Mike Swift
Amazon CTO Werner Vogels Says APIs Will Rule the World An interesting cover piece on Werner Vogels' talk at SXSW about how important open APIs are going forward - he lays out the things that are needed to build compelling platforms Werner Vogels
RESTistential Crisis over Hypermedia APIs An interesting take on the discussion of Hypermedia vs. non-Hypermedia APIs... while it makes some good points, I feel that catering to the lazy API developer isn't more important than having a consistent discoverable API for your alpha developers. Jerome Louvel
API-Driven Development This article discusses the value of using existing tools to do many things during development - Authentication, metrics, databases. Note that it doesn't include actual API Management companies but still worth a read. Randall Degges
4 Ways APIs are being Talked About in the Enterprise Excellent summary of the stories shared by enterprise API leaders from companies at API Strategy and Practice - how to approach and sell the idea of a platform. Mark Boyd
If You Are Designing Your Own REST backend You're Doing It Wrong This article discusses the idea of using an existing framework (in this case CouchDB) to handle a lot of the design of a REST system. Worth a read to fully understand the complexities involved. Ólafur Arason
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