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Stop Talking About Hypermedia and REST - Start Building Adaptable APIs Stop Talking About Hypermedia and REST - Start Building Adaptable APIs Rob Zazueta
APIs are coming. Welcome to the B2B Sharing Economy APIs are coming. Welcome to the B2B Sharing Economy Mehdi Medjaoui
Designing Irresistible APIs Designing Irresistible APIs Kirsten Hunter
Usability Review: Dropbox API Usability Review: Dropbox API Bruno Pedro
What Can The Enterprise Learn From The Open API Space? The Open API ecosystem has been around for several decades. The lessons learned by this are starting to trickle into the Enterprise as they learn how to integrate APIs into a traditionally SOA system. Kin Lane
API. Three letters that have to be considered for every digital strategy An explanation of what an API is from the point of view of the business value/perspective. Manfred Bortenschlager
Planning Everything Up Front vs. Iterating on an API Over Time One of the trickiest choices to make when designing an API is how much to plan up front vs. how much to leave for future iterations. The API Evangelist discusses the pros and cons of each after a recent session planning new govt apis. Kin Lane
APIs And oAuth In A Future Where You Control All Your Data As we move toward a world with more data available, Kin discusses what needs to happen for individuals to continue owning their personal data. Kin Lane
ReliefWeb Is Tackling The Worlds Biggest Problems Using APIs An interesting overview of the Reliefweb effort to solve many world problems using APIs. As a side project, the stability is shaky, and Kin discusses what needs to happen to solidify this system. Kin Lane
Building APIBunny using Fortune.js and JSONAPI A tutorial showing how Nicolas built the APIBunny game for Easter using javascript and developing a hypermedia API in the process. Nicolas Grenié
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